Llama3 l' IA, de Facebook, qui ne veut pas travailler ?

Dans mon script python j'interroge l'IA Llama3, le LLM en local:

"Based on the internet search "Make an app" can you generate others more precise searches with more keywords I might do on this topic ?"

Sa réponse (où elle m'envoi clairement chi**):

"Use Google Trends"


Réponse de chatGPT (qui s'en sort bcp mieux):

Sure! Here are some more precise searches you can use to gather information on making an app:

"How to make an iOS app from scratch"
"Step-by-step guide to building an Android app"
"Best tools for cross-platform app development"
"Beginner's tutorial for React Native app development"
"Essential skills for mobile app development"
"How to design a user-friendly app interface"
"App development frameworks comparison"
"Building a mobile app with Flutter"
"How to test and deploy a mobile app"
"Cost of developing a mobile app in 2024"
"How to market and monetize your mobile app"
"Best online courses for mobile app development"
"Top app development software for beginners"
"How to integrate APIs in a mobile app"
"Mobile app security best practices"
"How to optimize app performance"
"Common challenges in mobile app development"
"Creating a mobile app business plan"
"How to maintain and update a mobile app"
"Case studies of successful mobile apps"

These searches should help you find more specific information tailored to different aspects of app development.